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Is your weight a problem?
Have other diets and pills failed to produce results?
Have you been told it's a genetic problem you can't overcome?

Don't let genetics stand in your way...
Leptoprin (Anorex) will allow you to take control of your weight and
overcome your genetic predisposition to obesity.

Don't waste another minute wishing you could lose weight.

"I spent the majority of my life making excuses for being obese but always wished I could lose the weight. I accepted the fact that I was meant to be overweight and used my failed attempts at weight loss to prove this to myself... until I discovered Leptoprin. It's amazing how effective it is, I only wish I'd found it sooner."
Margaret - AL

If you're ready to see positive results, now is the time to try Leptoprin.
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Leptoprin (Also known as Anorex.) is the result of an extraordinary collaborative effort between Dr. Daniel B. Mowrey, Director of Scientific Affairs, Klein-Becker usa, Provo, Utah, and Dr. Edward G. Fey, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worchester, Massachusetts.

Leptoprin ™ is an extremely powerful anorectic agent and is not intended for use by the casual dieter who is merely attempting to shed five or ten "vanity" pounds. However, if substantial, excess body fat is adversely affecting your health and self-esteem, then it's time for you to discover Leptoprin ™ — the first comprehensive weight-loss compound designed specifically to overcome your genetic predisposition. "Weight Control Compound for the Significantly Overweight," we present Leptoprin.

The genetic link to obesity also means that repeated diet failure and chronic overweight is not your fault. Leptoprin feels that unless a weight-control compound addresses the genetic factor — and helps you overcome your genetic predisposition to obesity — your attempts at weight loss become no more than an exercise in futility (and a waste of time and money).

But now there's Leptoprin ™ — the first weight-control compound designed to mitigate the profound effect that variations in the human genetic code have on the storage, use, and disposition of body fat.

Leptoprin ™ Helps Overcome Genetic Link to Obesity
Leptoprin ™ is the first product designed specifically for the significantly overweight by helping to overcome the genetic link to obesity. First, significantly overweight people have a genetically-based tendency to store excess dietary calories as body fat. Leptoprin ™ helps overcome this tendency by effectively increasing the body's ability to destroy calories in specialized "wasting cycles" within fat, muscle, liver and other body cells. Second, Leptoprin ™ dramatically interferes with the process of converting calories to fat. Third, Leptoprin ™ exerts a profound "lipolytic" action — it "mobilizes" stored fat, moving it out of the fat cell and thereby reducing the size of the fat cell mass. Fourth, Leptoprin ™ inhibits the creation of new fat cells (yes, scientists now know that we create new fat cells throughout life). Fifth, Leptoprin ™ increases the special process (called apoptosis) in the body that results in the destruction of immature fat cells before they become bloated with fat. Sixth, Leptoprin ™ is especially effective in prolonging all of these actions in the body for the longest possible time. In short, Leptoprin ™ is such a breakthrough discovery for the significantly overweight because Leptoprin ™ aids in the defeat of destructive genetic influences on the cellular regulation and coordination of dietary calories: their intake, their conversion to body fat, and their removal from body fat stores. In other words, Leptoprin takes away "pre-programmed genetic failure" and gives the significantly overweight control over their lives once again.

Leptoprin ™: Now Available in The United States Without A Prescription
In a report dated February 19, 2000, Dr. Mowrey stated "Although Leptoprin ™ is much too powerful for the 'casual dieter,' the ability of Leptoprin ™ to help people overcome the genetic implications of obesity leads me to believe Leptoprin ™, and its base formulation Leptoprin ™, is the most effective means of providing considerable benefit to that vast population of American men and women who are significantly overweight. That is, until science develops a reliable means of altering the genetic code." If You're Significantly Overweight, You Need Leptoprin ™ If you're significantly overweight (more than 30 lbs. of excess body weight and/or a BMI greater than 30), there is only one weight-control compound specifically designed for you... it's Leptoprin ™. Patent-protected, clinically established to help you become the thinner, healthier, and more active person you've always wanted to be.


Anorex ™ ( Leptoprin ™ )